Achieve Stillness Realization

Disengage From Stress

Engage Freedom and Richness

Have you ever thought Spirituality can be the foundation for your practical Material Success?

You sure need Freedom from within. That is your true source of Power and Energy to live your life to its fullest.

For 35 years I have coached thousands into that Power of Stillness, which leads consistently into Enlightenment and Liberation too !

Swatantra Vidya, or the Art of Freedom, is the only inner education you need to uplift all areas of your life – across career, business, health and wealth and higher productivity, vastly improved relationships and your continuous growth in deeper contentment.

Am offering you the highest learning that you can ever receive in the Spiritual Realisations. Do explore the resources library, and we can explore further possibilities for you on a short call ahead !

Meet your instructor, Acharya Natesh Mahadevan!

About Me

With over 35 years of Intensive Seeking and Upliftment – he has
mastered Yogic Sciences under many leading Gurus across India.

In 1983, Yogabramha Guruji Rishi Prabhakar, of the Rishi Samskrithi  Vidya Kendra, – initiated Shree Nateshji into the sacred spiritual science  of Brahmopadesham / Infinite Soul Realisation.

Since then, Nateshji has grown to be an Acharya in the Samadhi Yoga  traditions. 

He has been with many leading Gurus like Brahmarishi Mohanji of the  Shakthipath traditions, Swami Sukhabodananda, Nithya Shanthi,  Tantracharya Siddeshwar on Nadi and Marma Vidya and a few more. 

He also did a few courses on Neo-Spiritual topics like NLP, EFT, The  Landmark Education Forum, etc. 

He did go through many yoga courses and scriptures with leading Gurus  and ashrams, the Shivayoga Vidhi of Swami Akhilananda, the Siddha  Yoga of Baba Muktananda and Bhagwan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri,  

and so on – to bring about a rare blend of spiritual essences that truly  matter – into his current seminal offering: 

– The Swatantra Vidya Course. 

This course is the fastest entry into your Enlightenment Consciousness  zone for sure. 

Shree Nateshji also offers The Enlightenment WorkLab in Bangalore – an  Interactive Intensive designed to shift your consciousness towards the  highest of spiritual realisations, in the most effective way. That of  absolute participative learning to absorb direct realisations of the  workshop content. 

The Enlightenment WorkLab is NOT a lecture classroom, not a talk on  scriptures or any Masters’ works or epics of the past. The WorkLab is a  highly immersive interactive teaching – driven through a deeply  participative Question and Answer process, where the focus is on  awakening your inner realisations to surely make it an experiential  reality.

Nateshji has founded – and nurtures daily – two  

highly popular Spiritual Groups on Facebook: 

  1. Ancient India Awakened – has 27000 members  
  2. Tantra Vidya – has 26000 members 

Both groups offer deep insights and interactions to bring up deeper  spiritual insights continuously. 

Nateshji has extensive corporate business development experience too,  with leading companies like MRF, BPL, K Raheja Group and few more.  

He combines practical life experiences into Spiritual realisation in  methods that surely bring about committed outcomes to any true  seeker. 

Based in Bangalore, he has the soul purpose of awakening sacred  Spiritual truths and extends all supportive mentoring to enlighten  seekers across the globe towards that lofty human goal of Life Eternal

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The Force of Freedom

You want Freedom ! But do you know what you want to be Free from ?

The Present Moment

Did you know your Presence is actually beyond Any moment !

Beyond Meditation

From what Meditation is NOT - towards what Meditation really Is !

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Swatantra Vidya Course

The Swatantra Vidya Course is not just a 90-day Mentored Engagement – it is a catalytic shift into Absolute Realisations that alter your life into practically applied truths of existence – from which life becomes easier and instantly effective a hundredfold as you get consistent with the simple practices.

90 Days Mentoring Course


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